What Drives Our Happiness and Success

Without Self-Reflection, It’s Easy to Lose Both

The Work-Life Equation by William MawA merica has been trained to chase success! As the old saying goes, “In our youth, we chase wealth at the expense of health; then we spend wealth chasing health.” It seems like a waste of energy, time and resources that used wisely, would have produced both. After all, what good is it to have riches if you cannot enjoy them?

Moreover, too many families fail in the pursuit of the almighty dollar and pound. We say we do it for the family, but if you lose them, was it worth it?

Five StarsA MUST READ!

By Brian P. Harlin – Amazon.com

“Inspirational! Bill Maw has given a clear roadmap for personal and professional success that I am enjoying implementing in all aspects of my life. I wish he had written this earlier.”

Enjoy a healthy and joyous personal and professional life. Achieve success and have the time to share it and enjoy it. Get the equation proven to deliver the results you seek.   Learn More


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Iain Mackay, Group Finance Director, HSBC Holdings plc

Robert D. Smith, Author of 20,000 Days and Counting

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