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70% of Employees Hate Their Jobs and Only 17% of Marriages are Happy. Why?

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Forbes ran this headline in November 2011:

 “70% of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs!”

The article revealed that “lack of inspiration and poor leadership were root causes. Poor leadership often results in a fearful and demeaning workplace environment.”

I also came across another mind-blowing statistic in a book titled “The Cost of Bad Behavior” by Christine Pearson & Christine Porath:

The annual cost of job stress to US corporations is $300 billion, and over 60% of workers in US workplaces experience this kind of stress because of workplace incivility; 12% report actually leaving their jobs because of incivility”

Why is it that we allow millions of workers to be unhappy in their jobs, causing billions of dollars to be lost from the lack of productivity? Why is it that we treat people, often those we spend the most time with every day, so poorly? What the heck is wrong with this picture?

On the personal life side:

In an interview with, Dana Adam Shapiro, author of You Can Be Right (Or You Can Be Married), declared “I think 17% of marriages are happy. Fifty percent of marriages end, and of marriages that stay together, I think a third are happy, a third are happy enough, and a third are unhappy.”

Through my research, I came across common themes in disintegrating marriages and family issues: poor communication, ineffective listening, lack of commitment, selfishness, disrespectful judgments and explosive angry outbursts. Also, poor emotional understanding, dishonesty and laziness. All these behaviors occur in work and at home and can have the same damaging effect—sadness and failure.

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