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The Work-Life Equation

Happiness. Success. Two things everyone seeks; however, the paths people take vary as much as there are different formations of clouds in the sky. Why? Defining happiness and success is an individual thing. The criteria one person associates with happiness would be a debate for another. Success for many is measured in riches; while for others it’s measured in goals achieved; while still for others, it’s quality of life.

Yet just six key values can dictate the ultimate achievement and level of our happiness and success.

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What if you had a simple formula, an equation, where you could evaluate yourself and see where you are on your road to achieving happiness and success? Moreover, what if you found areas you may not have considered that can lead to happiness and success, every time they are applied; how would YOU apply them in your life?

Tcircleshe 6 Key Values

The six values are all important. Why can I say? There are over 100,000 books available on Amazon alone. Over 48,000 on Cooperation, 25,000 on Responsibility, 25,000 on Active Listening (Consideration), 10,000 on Respect, 6,000 on Courtesy and 5,000 on Compassion.

This book focuses on all six values or behaviors, takes an 80/20 approach (the law of the vital few), hones in on three key themes and three key areas to focus on to help improve. It also provides you with a simple self-assessment and questionnaire to gain input, and assess those values that may need attention.

Axiom BronzeAward-Winning The Work-Life Equation, Helps Readers Identify, Address and Eliminate Life’s “Achilles Heel” – Our Collective Bad Behaviors

Axiom Business Book Awards named The Work-Life Equation a 2017 Bronze Medalist winner in the Human Resources/Employee Training category.

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five star review
By Brian P. Harlin –

“Inspirational! Bill Maw has given a clear roadmap for personal and professional success that I am enjoying implementing in all aspects of my life. I wish he had written this earlier.”

IBPA Silver-Award Winner SealSee why people are raving about Bill Maw’s The Work-Life Equation: Six Key Values that Drive Happiness and Success, Silver Winner of the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) Benjamin Franklin Award, and learn how you too can better understand, and better live, certain key values that will lead to a happier and more successful life for you as a person, a team or an organization.

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five star review
By Stephen Yost –

“Concise and pragmatic guide – very well written with nice relevant examples, metaphors and anecdotes.”

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